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Courses Offered

Our college has a number of courses to offer at the under-graduate as well as post-graduate level. While the under-graduate courses consist of BBM, B.Com and BCA, students may pursue M.Com at the post-graduate level. Students can also choose from different elective subjects offered within these courses as per their interests. These mainstream courses are conducted as per the Bengaluru University curriculum with the aim of imparting the best academic education to our pupils. Additional value-added programs are also conducted by various departments, forums and committees with the intention of further bolstering the future prospects of our students.

Bachelor Of Commerce (B.Com.)

The Department of Commerce and Management is the largest in the college in terms of student and staff strength. The aim of the department is to ensure that every student gets an equal opportunity to become an enterprising and productive citizen and thereby contribute to the great pool of human resource. The faculty members are well qualified, with a sizeable number of them with MBA degrees and others pursuing research in the ever-expanding field of commerce and management. Several faculty members have authored text books and reference books and are actively involved in syllabus restructuring to make sure that what is taught within the classrooms reflects, and is applicable to, the real world of commerce and management. The Department regularly conducts competitions, workshops and seminars to keep the students abreast of the latest in the world of commerce.

The department has a steep cut off percentage in terms of student intake which ensures that there is consistency in quality of teaching and student performance. The department is proud to announce that our college features among the top ten colleges of India for commerce and management and also features in the Top 100 Colleges of India.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (BBM course has been renamed as BBA by BU from Academic Year 2015-2016)

The aim of the department of Business Management is to create a stimulating and challenging atmosphere for students to hone their management skills in order to become dynamic leaders in the business world. The faculty members are not only well qualified but also have immense practical knowledge about the inner workings of a business enterprise. And this makes them proficient trainers rather than just teachers.

The Department is fully equipped with a business lab and regularly conducts field trips to equip students with the necessary skills of business management.

Bachelor Of Computer Application (B.C.A.)

The Department of Computer Science aims to equip students with the latest knowledge in computer application. The department realizes the great potential of the course and strives to make it relevant and practical. It regularly conducts field trips to major IT giants and also creates a platform for interaction with IT professionals to ensure that students have hands on experience of the world of computers.

The department is well equipped with a computer laboratory and is manned by efficient administrative staff. The faculty members are proficient and strive to ensure that our students are at the cutting edge of computer technology.

Master of Commerce (M.Com)

Master of Commerce is a post graduate programme which provides a platform to students to articulate their multidimensional skills in diverse magnitude. The programme aims towards acquisition of knowledge through action and directed towards giving a practical and current view based on strong theoretical background. In order to meet the challenges of today's complicated world, our vision is to build a solid foundation of self concept, so that they can acquire the necessary inner and outer life skills that can help them to take on the challenges that life presents confidently.

Elective Groups

  • Accounting and taxation
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship Management
  • Banking and Insurance

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Master of Financial Analysis(MFA)

Master of Financial and Accounting- MFA is a two-year (four semesters) exclusive program. All executives in business are expected to have an operational knowledge of the principles and practices of financial and accounting management. This dedicated program will give students a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the financial and accounting tools and techniques and controls available and the ability to apply these in the workplace with confidence.

Master of International Business(MIB)

Master of International Business- MIB is a two year (four semesters) unique program. This distinctive pathway will give students the prospect to explore international business approaches and strategies, d to design valuable business stratagems for the global milieu. The program creates a platform to develop knowledge and understanding to consider the influence and impact of environment and culture on business decisions.