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Established in 1973, Seshadripuram College is the flagship college of Seshadripuram Educational Trust, one of the premier educational trusts of Karnataka. Seshadripuram College, its growth and accomplishments have been pivotal in the enlargement of our Trust and the establishment and flourishing of our later educational enterprises.

As an alumnus, faculty, ex-Principal and now as the Director of Studies, Seshadripuram Educational Trust, I have had a long association with this college and if anything my growth stands testimony to the nurturing and opportunities this college can provide for youngsters with dreams in their hearts, a willingness to learn and work hard.

I must say that one thing has remained constant in this college over all these years and that is growth. In keeping with that, the college is forever in step with our fast changing world and its demands. Today, our foreign tie-ups and the opportunities it opens up ensure that our students go on to become citizens of the world. We now also provide our students career guidance and training along with recruitment. A wide variety of value-addition programmes are offered besides the staple facilities required for academic excellence.

While these changes make for great leaps of progress which I feel proud of, I am also glad to say some things have remained the same. Through the years, the college has remained steadfast in its commitment to create good individuals. By this I mean persons who are not only accountable for themselves but are also capable of extending their concerns to people around them and the society, nation and world at large.

In order to help our students achieve this, we have 'Ethos' committees & forums which expose students to various slices of life thus aiding them to explore their varied interests and blossom as individuals.

All in all, all our resources-human and infrastructural come together in aiding students and creating a better tomorrow.

In conclusion, I welcome one & all to be a part of our institution. Together, let us grow and move forward towards more & more wondrous opportunities.

Dr. M. Prakash

M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Director of Studies, SET