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Enrichment Activities


Forum For Cultural Activities


Tarang, the cultural bastion of the college provides a platform for students to exhibit and develop their talents. Each year, a wide variety of artistic, literary and other creative talents are identified and recognized through a month-long series of interclass competitions; students are also provided opportunities to win more accolades in intercollegiate competitions. Celebrations of Ethnic Day, Rainbow Colours Week and the annual College Day, a colourful extravaganza of music, dance and drama which marks the highpoint of each academic year, make for a vibrant college environment.

The college cultural teams , particularly for music, dance and drama , have won accolades in major intercollege competitions at the state level.


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  • Divyashree R
  • Lokesha
  • Shruthi C
  • Sridhar N M
  • Dr. Narasimha Murthy G
  • Ramya C
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  • Balaji Mohan


Forum of Department of Computer Science


Counselling is an inter-personal, non - judgmental, highly confidential and collaborative process by which the counsellor facilitates change and growth in the student by adopting certain attitudes and employing certain skills appropriate to the context.

In counselling, students may express freely what has happened to them, could speak about their feeling and may express what they are doing (commission) or not doing (omission) in terms of their behaviour.

Areas of Concerns

  • Emotional problems: fear, anger, guilt, grief, anxiety, depression , suicidal ideation, phobias etc.

  • Relational problems: with parents, siblings, friends, peer and relatives.

  • Academic problems: lack of interest, lack of concentration, fear of exams , black out, lack of coping mechanisms, lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem.

  • Situational problems: separation or divorce of parents, death of loved ones, accident, chronic illness and financial crises .

  • Physical and mental problems: migraine, physical and sexual abuse , traumatic experience , post - traumatic stress disorder(ptsd), eating disorder, sleeping disorder etc. addiction to social media ( mobile ,face book etc ) drugs , alcohol etc

  • Who needs Counselling: Invariably every one of us need counselling. Because we face some of the above mentioned problems in our day to-day life. At times we are helpless and hopeless, unable to handle negative emotions, negative thinking and negative behaviour thus entering into a state of depression. Any disequilibrium between cognition (thought), conation ( action ) and affect (feeling ) leads to psychiatric disorder

Outcome of Counselling

  • Our students get increased self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-reliance, self-esteem, self-empowerment , new insights , ability to face the reality with positive attitude and positive thinking by exercising therapies appropriate to their concerns.

  • Professional counsellor is available in campus on every Mondays and Thursdays. Reach us at manasvicounselling@gmail.com or call up 9036105274 for enquiry and appointments


  • Ms Geetha K


  • Dr Maheshwari G. B.
  • Smt Ramya C.


  • Veena R - MCA Director

Student Coordinator

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  • Chinmayee


A piece of yoga practice every day will definitely make student community gain more physical strength and get rid of all physical difficulties and diseases. Mental strength gained in yoga helps students to fight against inconsistencies with increasing self-confidence which looks as more powerful. Yoga can empower in the following four ways like Physical Health Empowerment, Emotional Empowerment, Mental Health Empowerment and Spiritual Empowerment. These can be achieved by yoga practices like Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation. The Cell ensures that students can practice yoga frequently and helps student to begin again their sense of joy, spirit combination and communal kinship.

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The Tour Committee of Seshadripuram College decided to host annual educational tour for our final year students to provide them to participative and enhance skill base learning experience to all the students

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