NAAC Accredited 'A' grade

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Class Teachers & Mentoring

Our college believes that every student deserves an opportunity to make optimum use of her or his abilities. With this in mind, the college has started the mentorship programme Saameepya in which every student has a mentor who will focus on the overall development of the student during the three years of graduation. While class teachers monitor attendance related issues and the overall discipline of the class, mentors go that extra mile and pay individual attention and support to each and every student.

Class Teacher's List for Academic Year of 2015-16

Class Section Names
I B.COM. A Ashashwini V.
B Meera H. N.
C Manjula S.
D Lokesh A.
E Nalini H.
F Rajeshwari M.
G Annapoorna M.
H Tejaswini P.
II B.COM. A Geetha P.
B Nirmala R.
C Navitha Kushal
D Roopa T. S.
E Raghavendra S.
F Sapna H.
G Sindhu M. M.
III B.COM. A Prasad M. L.
B Santosh N.
C Harish G.
D Sharmila S.
E Chitra Shashidhar H.
F Raghavendra
B. B. M. I A Shruthi Prasad
I B Kapila Jaykumar
II Mallika D. S.
III Vinutha B.
B.C.A I A Chitra Apoorva
I B Rajeshwari V.
II Veena R.
III Shashidhar T.