NAAC Accredited 'A' grade

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images +91-80-22955354


  1. Kaavya Gaayana Haagu Kavya Vaachana Sparde

    67th Kannada Rajyotsava Prayukta Kaavya Gaayana Haagu Kaavya Vaachana Sparde on 28.011.2022 

  2. One Day Interactive Session

    One Day Interactive Session for staff on Indian Constitution and Social, Economic and Political Justice: Issues and Challenges on Commemoration of Constitution Day on 26.11.2022 

  3. Guest Lecture

    Guest Lecture on Vachana Vyshishtya on 24.11.2022 organised by Basava Adhyayana Kendra

  4. Message from the Principal regarding the COVID 19 Lockdown


  5. Self Declaration and Consent form - relating to Offline Classes


  6. Rules and Regulations for Offline Classes relating to COVID 19


  7. Student Hand Book 2020-21

    Student Hand Book gives an overview of the college to the existing and prospective students. Download the attached Handbook for details.