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Other Forums & Committees


Forum for Empowerment of Women and Prevention of sexual Harassment Cell

We are proud that our college maintains a perfect gender ratio in its student composition. Ankura is a proactive forum to empower our girl students with the self-confidence, skills, knowledge and awareness required to make use of the opportunities available to Indian women today. Ankura organizes awareness rallies and programs on women’s rights and conducts interactive sessions with women activists . Ankura believes that financial independence is a basic pillar of empowerment and conducts workshops on skills which could lead to self-employment. The forum works towards gender sensitization and boys participate with equal interest in many of the programs organized. Ankura also functions as the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell of the college and deals with any issues of that nature in the college campus.


  • Smt. Vinutha B.

Helpline Numbers:

  • Faculty - 9916100699
  • Student - 9740276900


Bhasha Sangama

The Forum Of Languages

Bhasha Sangama aims to foster a deeper literary sensibility among students by creating a platform for interaction with eminent literary personalities. It stimulates literary creativity through various activities and competitions at the college and intercollegiate levels. The forum promotes closer interaction among all languages by organizing multidisciplinary activities on language and literature.


  • Kannada Sangha: Prof. N.S. Satish
  • Hindi Parishath : Smt. Urmila Porwal
  • Samskrutha Sangha : Sri Muralidharan S.
  • Kaleidoscope-English Club : Smt. Sapna G. S.


Nature Club

Eco Mitra is a forum for students and teachers who are interested in participating in the green crusade. The forum aims to create awareness about the importance of preserving and nurturing our environment. The forum conducts walkathons, bicycle rallies, workshops and competitions to create awareness and garner support for the green cause from students as well as the general public.


  • Smt. Ashaswini V ( Convenor)

Gandhi Study Centre

The Centre promotes the vision and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. Believing strongly that Gandhiji's philosophy has perennial relevance, the Centre's attempts to promote awareness among the student community . This is done not only through interactive sessions with eminent Gandhians but also through student paper presentations, lectures, poster presentations and quiz competitions. There is also an extensive Gandhi Study Corner in the library.


  • Prof. Sathish N. S. (Convenor)


Commerce And Management Forum

Lakshya aims at going beyond classroom learning and promoting a creative bent of mind, ingenious thinking and a genuine appreciation of the challenges of the wider world of commerce and business. The forum aspires to help students develop the required skill-set to stay abreast with the ever- changing demands of industry and thereby create future business leaders. Lakshya conducts informative seminars , extensive interclass competitions and an annual Intercollege Commerce and Management Fest CRUXX . 'Commerce Voice', the newsletter from the Department of Commerce and Management, is also published biannually.


  • Smt. Rajeshwari P. T. (Convenor)


The Science Forum

Pragnya aims to bring alive the excitement of the world of information technology and attempts to keep students abreast of recent developments in the field through interaction with eminent experts in seminars and lecture sessions. The Science Forum brings out an annual issue of the newsletter “ Science World’ and conducts an Annual Intercollege IT fest INCOGNITO.


  • Prof. Shashidhar T. (Convenor)

Vivekananda Adhyana Kendra

The Vivekanda Adhayana Kendra strives to motivate students to envision and build a stronger nation by adopting the tenets of Swami Vivekananda. The forum organizes lectures and seminar to instill awareness about the relevance of his ideas for today and tomorrow. It also attempts to make students discover by themselves the greatness of his thoughts and vision through conducting a variety of competitions.


  • Smt. Geetha H. M. (Convenor)