Seshadripuram, Bengaluru-20
NAAC A++ Accredited | Permanently Affiliated to
Bengaluru City University
ISO 9001:2015 Certified


Attendance and Course Tracking System

The college is particular as far as the attendance is concerned. It is mandatory for all students to maintain a minimum attendance of 75% without which they will not be allowed to appear for their exams.

We have been constantly updating our mechanism to monitor attendance and academic performance.We have recently moved to an integrated Campus Management Information System based on latest cloud computing technology. iPOMO provides students direct access to their hourly attendance through individual student accounts. Internal assessment marks as well as study material is also posted on the iPOMO site.

Salient features of ACTS: Attendance & Course Tracking System

  • Individual student's account with login and password.

  • Login and password for Principal to access/ track student information regularly.

  • Mechanism for Principal to check progress in syllabus completion.

  • SMS - based automated communication to parents every week.

  • SMS to students to communicate important information.

  • Feedback on faculty performance by students taken online.


  • Rajeshwari V.


  • Poornima K.


Seshadripuram College Old Students Association (SCOSA)

SCOSA provides our alumni the forum through which precious old ties with the college are renewed time and again. SCOSA's annual get-together in March sees hundreds of nostalgic alumni gathered to take a long trip down memory lane. The alumni associate themselves in promoting cultural, sports, academic and placement activities in the college. Our alumni also institute cash prizes and scholarships to encourage excellence in academic as well as extra-curricular fields.


  • Dr. Bhargavi V. R.


  • Dr. Sapna G S (Secretary)
  • Divyashree R (Treasurer)
  • Sindhu M. M.
  • Dakshitha B. K.
  • Goutham S.
  • Reshma K. P.
  • Geetha K.
  • Hemalatha P.
  • Mangala M. N.
  • Bhagya T.
  • Vidya A. N.


Mythree- parent relationship centre of the college intends to maintain cordial relationships with parent's stakeholders to enhance the student's learning experience.The committee also bridges the connection between institution and the parents.


  • Vinutha.B
  • Mythree
  • Mythree
  • Mythree


The Nature Club


Eco Mitra is a forum for students and teachers who are interested in participating in the green crusade. The forum aims to create awareness about the importance of preserving and nurturing our environment and promotes environment-friendly practices in the institution.


  • Veena R


  • Dr. Chitra Shashidhar
  • Dakshitha B. K.
  • W. R. Sashirekha
  • Prathap S. M.
  • Ecomitra
  • Ecomitra


The Mentorship Programme works to provide academic as well as personal support to all students. Mentorship records are maintained for all students and helps to provide a picture of the over-all development of the student during their academic years' stay in the college. Mentors go that extra mile and pay individual attention and support to each and every student


  • Vinutha M.


  • Harish G.
  • Sujatha P. V.
  • Shalini Jayakumar
  • Prathap S. M.